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Andrej Prša; Kyle E. Conroy; Martin Horvat; H. Pablo; A. Kochoska; Steven Bloemen; Joseph Giammarco; K. Hambleton; Pieter Degroote;
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  • Published: 15 Dec 2016
  • Publisher: American Astronomical Society
The precision of photometric and spectroscopic observations has been systematically improved in the last decade, mostly thanks to space-borne photometric missions and ground-based spectrographs dedicated to finding exoplanets. The field of eclipsing binary stars strongly benefited from this development. Eclipsing binaries serve as critical tools for determining fundamental stellar properties (masses, radii, temperatures and luminosities), yet the models are not capable of reproducing observed data well either because of the missing physics or because of insufficient precision. This led to a predicament where radiative and dynamical effects, insofar buried in noi...
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