Equationally Noetherian property of Ershov algebras

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Dvorzhetskiy, Yuriy;
  • Subject: Mathematics - Rings and Algebras | Mathematics - Algebraic Geometry
    arxiv: Mathematics::Commutative Algebra | Mathematics::Rings and Algebras

This article is about equationally Noetherian and weak equationally Noetherian property of Ershov algebras. Here we show two canonical forms of the system of equations over Ershov algebras and two criteria of equationally Noetherian and weak equationally Noetherian prop... View more
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    ^ X \ _ Y Therefore, we replace one group of equations by one equation. Analogically we can replace group xi1 ∧ . . . ∧ xim ∧ c = 0 by one equation. Consider second group for each two nonintersecting set of variables X and Y : [7] G. Birkhoff, Lattice theory, AMS, 1995.

    [8] Y. Ershov Solvability problems and constructive models, Mathematical logic and foundations, Moscow, ¡¡Nauka¿¿, 1980.

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