Status Report on the 5 Mev Iphi RFQ

Preprint English OPEN
Ferdinand, R.; Beauvais, P-Y.; Duperrier, R.; France, A.; Gaiffier, J.; Lagniel, J-M.; Painchault, M.; Simoens, F.; CEA-Saclay; DSM-DAPNIA-SEA; Balleyguier, P.; Chatel, CEA-Bruyeres le; DAM;
  • Subject: Physics - Accelerator Physics

A 5-MeV RFQ designed for a proton current up to 100-mA CW is now under construction as part of the High Intensity Proton Injector project (IPHI). Its computed transmission is greater than 99 %. The main goals of the project are to verify the accuracy of the design codes... View more
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