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Deformation behaviour of body centered cubic Fe nanowires under tensile and compressive loading

Sainath, G.; Choudhary, B. K.; Jayakumar, T.;
Open Access English
  • Published: 11 Sep 2014
Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulations have been carried out to investigate the deformation behaviour of <110>/{111} body centered cubic (BCC) Fe nanowires under tensile and compressive loading. An embedded atom method (EAM) potential was used to describe the interatomic interactions. The simulations were carried out at 10 K with a constant strain rate of $1\times10^{8}$ $s^{-1}$. The results indicate a significant differences in deformation mechanisms under tensile and compressive loading. Under tensile loading, the deformation occurs by the slip of full dislocations, While under compressive loading twinning was observed as the dominant mode of deformation. The te...
free text keywords: Condensed Matter - Materials Science
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