Potentials and Challenges of Light Fidelity Based Indoor Communication System

Preprint English OPEN
Aftab, Farooq (2016)
  • Subject: Computer Science - Networking and Internet Architecture

In this era of modern devices and high speed communication the issue of spectral overloading is increasing with time and becoming more serious. With the advancement in LED industry, light fidelity (Li-Fi) based indoor network is an attractive substitute for the existing radio frequency (RF) based communication networks. Because of its capability to perform dual function of lighting as well as high speed communication, Li-Fi is attracting both industrial as well as academic researchers. The Li-Fi networking paradigm offers performance enhancements which can make it an attractive backup option to be used for networking setup in Internet of things (IOT) and its indoor capabilities make it an attractive choice for large scale indoor communication in next generation wireless networking environment. This paper discusses key potentials of Li-Fi based indoor communication system and point out the challenges which indoor based Li-Fi network is facing under the knowledge of existing research work in the field of Li-Fi.
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