Reconstructing Topological Graphs and Continua

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Gartside, Paul; Pitz, Max F.; Suabedissen, Rolf;
  • Subject: Mathematics - General Topology | Mathematics - Combinatorics | Primary 05C60, 54E45, Secondary 54B05, 54D05, 54D35, 54F15
    arxiv: Mathematics::General Topology

The deck of a topological space $X$ is the set $\mathcal{D}(X)=\{[X \setminus \{x\}] \colon x \in X\}$, where $[Z]$ denotes the homeomorphism class of $Z$. A space $X$ is topologically reconstructible if whenever $\mathcal{D}(X)=\mathcal{D}(Y)$ then $X$ is homeomorphic ... View more
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