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Detailed abundances in stars belonging to ultra-faint dwarf spheroidal galaxies

P. François; Lorenzo Monaco; Sandro Villanova; M. Catelan; P. Bonifacio; M. Bellazzini; C. Moni Bidin; Gianni Marconi; Doug Geisler; Luca Sbordone;
Open Access
  • Published: 13 Feb 2012
  • Publisher: AIP
We report preliminary results concerning the detailed chemical composition of metal poor stars belonging to close ultra-faint dwarf galaxies (hereafter UfDSphs). The abundances have been determined thanks to spectra obtained with X-Shooter, a high efficiency spectrograph installed on one of the ESO VLT units. The sample of ultra-faint dwarf spheroidal stars have abundance ratios slightly lower to what is measured in field halo star of the same metallicity.We did not find extreme abundances in our Hercules stars as the one found by Koch for his 2 Hercules stars. The synthesis of the neutron capture elements Ba and Sr seems to originate from the same nucleosynthet...
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