Formation of soap bubbles by gas jet

Preprint English OPEN
Zhou, M. L. ; Li, M. ; Chen, Z. Y. ; Han, J. F. ; Liu, D. (2017)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1063/1.5000439
  • Subject: Physics - Fluid Dynamics
    arxiv: Physics::Fluid Dynamics

Soap bubbles can be easily generated by varies methods, while their formation process is complicated and still worth study. A model about the bubble formation process was proposed in Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 077801 recently, and it was reported that the bubbles were formed when the gas blowing velocity was above one threshold. However, after repeating these experiments, we found the bubbles could be generated in two velocities ranges which corresponded to laminar and turbulent gas jet respectively, and the predicted threshold was only effective for turbulent gas flow. The study revealed that the bubble formation was mainly influenced by the aerodynamics of the gas jet blowing to the film, and these results will help to further understand the formation mechanism of the soap bubble as well as the interaction between gas jet and thin liquid film.
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