A Survey of Congestion Control Techniques and Data Link Protocols in Satellite Networks

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Fahmy, Sonia ; Jain, Raj ; Lu, Fang ; Kalyanaraman, Shivkumar (1998)
  • Subject: C.2.1 | Computer Science - Networking and Internet Architecture
    acm: ComputerSystemsOrganization_COMPUTER-COMMUNICATIONNETWORKS

Satellite communication systems are the means of realizing a global broadband integrated services digital network. Due to the statistical nature of the integrated services traffic, the resulting rate fluctuations and burstiness render congestion control a complicated, yet indispensable function. The long propagation delay of the earth-satellite link further imposes severe demands and constraints on the congestion control schemes, as well as the media access control techniques and retransmission protocols that can be employed in a satellite network. The problems in designing satellite network protocols, as well as some of the solutions proposed to tackle these problems, will be the primary focus of this survey.
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