AsterixDB: A Scalable, Open Source BDMS

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Alsubaiee, Sattam; Altowim, Yasser; Altwaijry, Hotham; Behm, Alexander; Borkar, Vinayak; Bu, Yingyi; Carey, Michael; Cetindil, Inci; Cheelangi, Madhusudan; Faraaz, Khurram; Gabrielova, Eugenia; Grover, Raman; Heilbron, Zachary; Kim, Young-Seok; Li, Chen; Li, Guangqiang; Ok, Ji Mahn; Onose, Nicola; Pirzadeh, Pouria; Tsotras, Vassilis; Vernica, Rares; Wen, Jian; Westmann, Till;
  • Subject: Computer Science - Databases

AsterixDB is a new, full-function BDMS (Big Data Management System) with a feature set that distinguishes it from other platforms in today's open source Big Data ecosystem. Its features make it well-suited to applications like web data warehousing, social data storage a... View more