The Complex Gradient Operator and the CR-Calculus

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Kreutz-Delgado, Ken;
  • Subject: Mathematics - Optimization and Control | Mathematics - Complex Variables
    arxiv: Physics::Physics Education

A thorough discussion and development of the calculus of real-valued functions of complex-valued vectors is given using the framework of the Wirtinger Calculus. The presented material is suitable for exposition in an introductory Electrical Engineering graduate level co... View more
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    23A tangent space at the point z is the space of all differential displacements, dz, at the point z or, alternatively, the space of all velocity vectors v = ddzt at the point z. These are equivalent statements because dz and v are scaled version of each other, dz = vdt. The tangent space TzZ = Czn is a linear variety in the space Z = Cn. Specifically it is a copy of Cn affinely translated to the point z, Czn = {z} + Cn.

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