Stochastic Learning of Multi-Instance Dictionary for Earth Mover's Distance based Histogram Comparison

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Fan, Jihong ; Liang, Ru-Ze (2016)
  • Subject: Computer Science - Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
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    acm: ComputingMethodologies_PATTERNRECOGNITION | ComputingMethodologies_IMAGEPROCESSINGANDCOMPUTERVISION

Dictionary plays an important role in multi-instance data representation. It maps bags of instances to histograms. Earth mover's distance (EMD) is the most effective histogram distance metric for the application of multi-instance retrieval. However, up to now, there is no existing multi-instance dictionary learning methods designed for EMD based histogram comparison. To fill this gap, we develop the first EMD-optimal dictionary learning method using stochastic optimization method. In the stochastic learning framework, we have one triplet of bags, including one basic bag, one positive bag, and one negative bag. These bags are mapped to histograms using a multi-instance dictionary. We argue that the EMD between the basic histogram and the positive histogram should be smaller than that between the basic histogram and the negative histogram. Base on this condition, we design a hinge loss. By minimizing this hinge loss and some regularization terms of the dictionary, we update the dictionary instances. The experiments over multi-instance retrieval applications shows its effectiveness when compared to other dictionary learning methods over the problems of medical image retrieval and natural language relation classification.
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