Attraction, with Boundaries

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Chakraborty, Avik ; Krishnan, Chethan (2012)
  • Subject: High Energy Physics - Theory

We study the basin of attraction of static extremal black holes, in the concrete setting of the STU model. By finding a connection to a decoupled Toda-like system and solving it exactly, we find a simple way to characterize the attraction basin via competing behaviors of certain parameters. The boundaries of attraction arise in the various limits where these parameters degenerate to zero. We find that these boundaries are generalizations of the recently introduced (extremal) subtracted geometry: the warp factors still exhibit asymptotic integer power law behaviors, but the powers can be different from one. As we cross over one of these boundaries ("generalized subttractors"), the solutions turn unstable and start blowing up at finite radius and lose their asymptotic region. Our results are fully analytic, but we also solve a simpler theory where the attraction basin is lower dimensional and easy to visualize, and present a simple picture that illustrates many of the basic ideas.
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