Design of a Robust Stair Climbing Compliant Modular Robot to Tackle Overhang on Stairs

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Bhole, Ajinkya; Turlapati, Sri Harsha; S, Rajashekhar V.; Dixit, Jay; Shah, Suril V.; Krishna, K Madhava;
  • Subject: Computer Science - Robotics

This paper discusses the concept and parameter design of a Robust Stair Climbing Compliant Modular Robot, capable of tackling stairs with overhangs. Modifying the geometry of the periphery of the wheels of our robot helps in tackling overhangs. Along with establishing a... View more
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    Fig. 16: The robot prototype with optimal set of design parameters successfully climbing stairs of dimensions specified in the first,second and third level of noise factors ((a),(b) and (c)), and on staircases in urban setting ((c) and (d))

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