Wireless network signals with moderately correlated shadowing still appear Poisson

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Ross, Nathan ; Schuhmacher, Dominic (2016)
  • Subject: Computer Science - Information Theory | Mathematics - Probability | Computer Science - Networking and Internet Architecture

We consider the point process of signal strengths emitted from transmitters in a wireless network and observed at a fixed position. In our model, transmitters are placed deterministically or randomly according to a hard core or Poisson point process and signals are subjected to power law path loss and random propagation effects that may be correlated between transmitters. We provide bounds on the distance between the point process of signal strengths and a Poisson process with the same mean measure, assuming correlated log-normal shadowing. For "strong shadowing" and moderate correlations, we find that the signal strengths are close to a Poisson process, generalizing a recently shown analogous result for independent shadowing.
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