Explicit Knowledge-based Reasoning for Visual Question Answering

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Wang, Peng; Wu, Qi; Shen, Chunhua; Hengel, Anton van den; Dick, Anthony;
  • Subject: Computer Science - Computation and Language | Computer Science - Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

We describe a method for visual question answering which is capable of reasoning about contents of an image on the basis of information extracted from a large-scale knowledge base. The method not only answers natural language questions using concepts not contained in th... View more
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    Q10: Which image is the most related to transportation? A10: The right one. Left Related Concepts: Right Related Concepts: Attribute-furniture, 14 Attribute-vehicles, 145 Attribute-office, 14 Attribute-road, 142 Object-cat, 7 Object-highway, 112 Q11: Which image is the most related to chef? A11: The left one. Left Related Concepts: Right Related Concepts: Attribute-kitchen, 79 Attribute-wood, 7 Object-oven, 15 Attribute-computer, 3 Object-microwave, 8 Object-laptop, 3 Q12: Which image is the most related to programmer? A12: The right one. Left Related Concepts: Right Related Concepts: Object-dishwasher, 2 Attribute-computer, 53 Attribute-house, 1 Object-laptop, 16 Object-oven, 1 Object-mouse, 9 were available, the method we have described could mentation. In Proc. IEEE Conf. Computer Vision use it to draw sensible general conclusions about the Pattern Recognition, 2014.

    content of images. [12] J. Deng, W. Dong, R. Socher, L.-J. Li, K. Li, and We have also provided a dataset and methodology L. Fei-Fei. Imagenet: A large-scale hierarchical imfor testing the performance of general visual question age database. In Proc. IEEE Conf. Computer Vision answering techniques, and shown that Ahab substan- and Pattern Recognition, 2009.

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