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The effect of a wall on the interaction of two spheres in shear flow: Batchelor-Green theory revisited

Fouxon, Itzhak; Rubinstein, Boris; Ge, Zhouyang; Brandt, Luca; Leshansky, Alexander;
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  • Published: 27 Aug 2019
The seminal Batchelor-Green's (BG) theory on the hydrodynamic interaction of two spherical particles of radii a suspended in a viscous shear flow neglects the effect of the boundaries. In the present paper we study how a plane wall modifies this interaction. Using an integral equation for the surface traction we derive the expression for the particles' relative velocity as a sum of the BG's velocity and the term due to the presence of a wall at finite distance, z_0. Our calculation is not the perturbation theory of the BG solution, so the contribution due to the wall is not necessarily small. The distance at which the wall significantly alters the particles inte...
free text keywords: Physics - Fluid Dynamics
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27 references, page 1 of 2
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