Remedies against the vocabulary gap in information retrieval

Doctoral thesis, Preprint English OPEN
Van Gysel, Christophe;
  • Subject: Computer Science - Computation and Language | Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence | Computer Science - Information Retrieval

Search engines rely heavily on term-based approaches that represent queries and documents as bags of words. Text---a document or a query---is represented by a bag of its words that ignores grammar and word order, but retains word frequency counts. When presented with a ... View more
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    17. pyndri ( - a Python interface to the Indri search engine. [Ch. 3, 4, 8 and App. A]

    index = pyndri.Index('/opt/local/clueweb09') query_env = pyndri.QueryEnvironment( index, rules=('method:dirichlet,mu:5000',))

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