An Incentivized Approach for Fair Participation in Wireless Ad hoc Networks

Preprint English OPEN
Choudhuri, Arka Rai ; S, Kalyanasundaram ; Sridhar, Shriyak ; B, Annappa (2015)
  • Subject: Computer Science - Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing | Computer Science - Computer Science and Game Theory | Computer Science - Networking and Internet Architecture
    acm: ComputerSystemsOrganization_COMPUTER-COMMUNICATIONNETWORKS

In Wireless Ad hoc networks (WANETs), nodes separated by considerable distance communicate with each other by relaying their messages through other nodes. However, it might not be in the best interests of a node to forward the message of another node due to power constraints. In addition, all nodes being rational, some nodes may be selfish, i.e. they might not relay data from other nodes so as to increase their lifetime. In this paper, we present a fair and incentivized approach for participation in Ad hoc networks. Given the power required for each transmission, we are able to determine the power saving contributed by each intermediate hop. We propose the FAir Share incenTivizEd Ad hoc paRticipation protocol (FASTER), which takes a selected route from a routing protocol as input, to calculate the worth of each node using the cooperative game theory concept of 'Shapley Value' applied on the power saved by each node. This value can be used for allocation of Virtual Currency to the nodes, which can be spent on subsequent message transmissions.
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