An end-to-end Generative Retrieval Method for Sponsored Search Engine --Decoding Efficiently into a Closed Target Domain

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Lian, Yijiang; Chen, Zhijie; Hu, Jinlong; Zhang, Kefeng; Yan, Chunwei; Tong, Muchenxuan; Han, Wenying; Guan, Hanju; Li, Ying; Cao, Ying; Yu, Yang; Li, Zhigang; Liu, Xiaochun; Wang, Yue;
  • Subject: Computer Science - Information Retrieval

In this paper, we present a generative retrieval method for sponsored search engine, which uses neural machine translation (NMT) to generate keywords directly from query. This method is completely end-to-end, which skips query rewriting and relevance judging phases in t... View more
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