Algorithms for Online Influencer Marketing

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Lagrée, Paul; Cappé, Olivier; Cautis, Bogdan; Maniu, Silviu;
  • Publisher: ACM
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1145/3274670
  • Subject: [INFO.INFO-SI]Computer Science [cs]/Social and Information Networks [cs.SI] | CCS Concepts:• Computing methodologies → Sequential decision making | Influencer marketing | Computer Science - Social and Information Networks | Data mining | Online social networks | Influence maximization | CCS Concepts: • Information systems → Social advertising | Multi-armed bandits | Information diffusion | Online learning

Influence maximization is the problem of finding influential users, or nodes, in a graph so as to maximize the spread of information. It has many applications in advertising and marketing on social networks. In this paper, we study a highly generic version of influence ... View more
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