On The Center Sets and Center Numbers of Some Graph Classes

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R, Ram Kumar.; Balakrishnan, Kannan; Changat, Manoj; Sreekumar, A.; Narasimha-Shenoi, Prasanth G.;
  • Subject: Mathematics - Combinatorics | Computer Science - Discrete Mathematics
    acm: MathematicsofComputing_DISCRETEMATHEMATICS

For a set $S$ of vertices and the vertex $v$ in a connected graph $G$, $\displaystyle\max_{x \in S}d(x,v)$ is called the $S$-eccentricity of $v$ in $G$. The set of vertices with minimum $S$-eccentricity is called the $S$-center of $G$. Any set $A$ of vertices of $G$ suc... View more
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