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Towards New Membrane Flow from de Wit-Nicolai Construction

Ahn, Changhyun; Paeng, Jinsub; Woo, Kyungsung;
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  • Published: 04 Jul 2011
The internal 4-form field strengths with 7-dimensional indices have been constructed by de Wit and Nicolai in 1986. They are determined by the following six quantities: the 56-bein of 4-dimensional N=8 gauged supergravity, the Killing vectors on the round seven-sphere, the covariant derivative acting on these Killing vectors, the warp factor, the field strengths with 4-dimensional indices and the 7-dimensional metric. In this paper, by projecting out the remaining mixed 4-form field strengths in an SU(8) tensor that appears in the variation of spin 1/2 fermionic sector, we also write down them explicitly in terms of some of the above quantities. For the known cr...
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