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Applications of Novel Techniques to Health Foods, Medical and Agricultural Biotechnology

Baianu, I. C.; Lozano, P. R.; Prisecaru, V. I.; Lin, H. C.;
Open Access English
  • Published: 23 Jun 2004
Selected applications of novel techniques in Agricultural Biotechnology, Health Food formulations and Medical Biotechnology are being reviewed with the aim of unraveling future developments and policy changes that are likely to open new niches for Biotechnology and prevent the shrinking or closing the existing ones. Amongst the selected novel techniques with applications to both Agricultural and Medical Biotechnology are: immobilized bacterial cells and enzymes, microencapsulation and liposome production, genetic manipulation of microorganisms, development of novel vaccines from plants, epigenomics of mammalian cells and organisms, as well as biocomputational to...
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