Cataclysmic Variables from SDSS I. The First Results

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Szkody, P.; Anderson, S. F.; Agueros, M.; Covarrubias, R.; Bentz, M.; Hawley, S.; Margon, B.; Voges, W.; Henden, A.; Knapp, G. R.; Berk, D. E. Vanden; Rest, A.; Miknaitis, G.; Magnier, E.; Brinkmann, J.; Csabai, I.; Harvanek, M.; Hindsley, R.; Hennessy, G.; Ivezic, Z.; Kleinman, S. J.; Lamb, D. Q.; Long, D.; Newman, P. R.; Neilsen, E. H.; Nichol, R. C.; Nitta, A.; Schneider, D. P.; Snedden, S. A.; York, D. G.; (2001)

The commissioning year of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey has demonstrated that many cataclysmic variables have been missed in previous surveys with brighter limits. We report the identification of 22 cataclysmic variables, of which 19 are new discoveries and 3 are known s... View more
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