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Mid-IR Observations of Mira Circumstellar Environment

Massimo Marengo; Lynne K. Deutsch; Aditya Dayal; Joseph L. Hora; Margarita Karovska; William F. Hoffmann; Giovanni Fazio;
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  • Published: 19 Jun 2001
This paper presents results from high-angular resolution mid-IR imaging of the Mira AB circumbinary environment using the MIRAC3 camera at the NASA Infrared Telescope Facility (IRTF). We resolved the dusty circumstellar envelope at 9.8, 11.7 and 18 micron around Mira A (o Ceti), and measured the size of the extended emission. Strong deviations from spherical symmetry are detected in the images of Mira AB system, including possible dust clumps in the direction of the companion (Mira B). These observations suggest that Mira B plays an active role in shaping the morphology of the circumstellar environment of Mira A as it evolves toward the Planetary Nebula phase.
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