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Chemosensing in microorganisms to practical biosensors

Ghosh, Surya K.; Kundu, Tapanendu; Sain, Anirban;
Open Access English
  • Published: 28 Mar 2012
Microorganisms like bacteria can sense concentration of chemo-attractants in its medium very accurately. They achieve this through interaction between the receptors on their cell surface and the chemo-attractant molecules (like sugar). But the physical processes like diffusion set some limits on the accuracy of detection which was discussed by Berg and Purcell in the late seventies. We have a re-look at their work in order to assess what insight it may offer towards making efficient, practical biosensors. We model the functioning of a typical biosensor as a reaction-diffusion process in a confined geometry. Using available data first we characterize the system b...
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free text keywords: Condensed Matter - Soft Condensed Matter, Physics - Biological Physics
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