Theory of Correlated Pairs of Electrons Oscillating in Resonant Quantum States to Reach the Critical Temperature in a Metal

Preprint English OPEN
Aroche, Raúl Riera ; Rosas-Cabrera, Rodrigo Arturo ; Burgos, Rodrigo Arturo Rosas ; Betancourt-Riera, René ; Betancourt-Riera, Ricardo (2017)
  • Subject: Condensed Matter - Superconductivity

The formation of Correlated Electron Pairs Oscillating around the Fermi level in Resonant Quantum States (CEPO-RQS), when a metal is cooled to its critical temperature T=Tc, is studied. The necessary conditions for the existence of CEPO-RQS are analyzed. The participation of electron-electron interaction screened by an electron dielectric constant of the form proposed by Thomas Fermi is considered and a physical meaning for the electron-phonon-electron interaction in the formation of the CEPO-RQS is given. The internal state of the CEPO-RQS is characterized by taking into account the internal Hamiltonian, obtaining a general equation that represents its binding energy and depends only on temperature and critical temperature. A parameter is also defined that contains the properties that qualitatively characterizes the nature of a material to form the CEPO-RQS.
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