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Corrections for Gravitational Lensing of Supernovae: Better than Average?

Edvard Mörtsell;
Open Access
  • Published: 20 Mar 2006 Journal: The Astrophysical Journal, volume 640, pages 417-427 (issn: 0004-637X, eissn: 1538-4357, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: IOP Publishing
We investigate the possibility of correcting for the magnification due to gravitational lensing of standard candle sources, such as Type Ia supernovae. Our method uses the observed properties of the foreground galaxies along the lines-of-sight to each source and the accuracy of the lensing correction depends on the quality and depth of these observations as well as the uncertainties in translating the observed luminosities to the matter distribution in the lensing galaxies. The current work is limited to cases where the matter density is dominated by the individual galaxy halos. However, it is straightforward to generalize the method to include also gravitationa...
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free text keywords: Space and Planetary Science, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Astrophysics

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