Multiple Scattering Expansion of the Self-Energy at Finite Temperature

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Jeon, Sangyong; Ellis, Paul J.;

An often used rule that the thermal correction to the self-energy is the thermal phase-space times the forward scattering amplitude from target particles is shown to be the leading term in an exact multiple scattering expansion. Starting from imaginary-time finite-tempe... View more
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    Gζ(k) = Z d2ωπ Nζ(ω) Z0∞ dt eik0t−ǫte−iωt ρζ+(ω) + Z−0∞ dt eik0t+ǫteiωt ρζ−(ω) = Z d2ωπ [θ(ω) + (−1)ζsign(ω)nζ(|ω|)] ǫ + ρi(ζ+ω(ω−) k0) + ǫ + ρi(ζ−ω(ω+) k0)

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