CoMIC: Good features for detection and matching at object boundaries

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Ravindran, Swarna Kamlam ; Mittal, Anurag (2014)
  • Subject: Computer Science - Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

Feature or interest points typically use information aggregation in 2D patches which does not remain stable at object boundaries when there is object motion against a significantly varying background. Level or iso-intensity curves are much more stable under such conditions, especially the longer ones. In this paper, we identify stable portions on long iso-curves and detect corners on them. Further, the iso-curve associated with a corner is used to discard portions from the background and improve matching. Such CoMIC (Corners on Maximally-stable Iso-intensity Curves) points yield superior results at the object boundary regions compared to state-of-the-art detectors while performing comparably at the interior regions as well. This is illustrated in exhaustive matching experiments for both boundary and non-boundary regions in applications such as stereo and point tracking for structure from motion in video sequences.
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