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Understanding the branching ratios of \chi_{c1}\to\phi\phi, \omega\omega, \omega\phi observed at BES-III

Chen, Dian-Yong; He, Jun; Li, Xue-Qian; Liu, Xiang;
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  • Published: 24 Dec 2009
In this work, we discuss the contribution of the mesonic loops to the decay rates of $\chi_{c1}\to \phi\phi,\,\omega\omega$ which are suppressed by the helicity selection rules and $\chi_{c1}\to \phi\omega$ which is a double-OZI forbidden process. We find that the mesonic loop effects naturally explain the clear signals of $\chi_{c1}\to \phi\phi,\,\omega\omega$ decay modes observed by the BES collaboration. Moreover, we investigate the effects of the $\omega-\phi$ mixing which may result in the order of magnitude of the branching ratio $BR(\chi_{c1} \to \omega \phi)$ being $10^{-7}$. Thus, we are waiting for the accurate measurements of the $BR(\chi_{c1} \to \om...
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31 references, page 1 of 3
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