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Implications from the upper limit of radio afterglow emission of FRB 131104/Swift J0644.5-5111

Gao, He; Zhang, Bing;
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  • Published: 20 Nov 2016
A $\gamma$-ray transient, Swift J0644.5-5111, has been claimed to be associated with FRB 131104. The $\gamma$-ray energy output is estimated as $E_\gamma \approx 5\times 10^{51}$\,erg at the nominal $z\approx 0.55$ redshift implied by the dispersion measure of FRB 131104. However, a long-term radio imaging follow-up observations only place an upper limit on the radio afterglow flux of Swift J0644.5-5111. Applying the external shock model, we make a detailed constraint on the afterglow parameters for the FRB 131104/Swift J0644.5-5111 system. We find that for the commonly used microphysics shock parameters (e.g., $\epsilon_e=0.1$, $\epsilon_B=0.01$ and $p=2.3$), i...
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51 references, page 1 of 4
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