Type Ia SNe along redshift: the R(Si II) ratio and the expansion velocities in intermediate z supernovae

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Altavilla, G.; Ruiz-Lapuente, P.; Balastegui, A.; Mendez, J.; Irwin, M.; Espana-Bonet, C.; Schamaneche, K.; Balland, C.; Ellis, R. S.; Fabbro, S.; Folatelli, G.; Goobar, A.; Hillebrandt, W.; McMahon, R. M.; Mouchet, M.; Mourao, A.; Nobili, S.; Pain, R.; Stanishev, V.; Walton, N. A.;

We study intermediate--z SNe Ia using the empirical physical diagrams which enable to learn about those SNe explosions. This information can be very useful to reduce systematic uncertainties of the Hubble diagram of SNe Ia up to high z. The study of the expansion veloci... View more
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