An ultra-thin waveguide twist constructed using fish-scale metallic wires

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Han, Jin ; Li, Hongqiang ; Fan, Yuancheng ; Wei, Zeyong ; Wu, Chao ; Cao, Yang ; Yu, Xing ; Li, Fang ; Wang, Zhanshan (2011)

This study theoretically and experimentally investigates the transmission properties of a metamaterial slab comprised of two layers of metallic fish-scale structure arrays and a sandwiched dielectric layer. Calculations show that the asymmetric transmission can be tuned by varying the slab thickness, due to evanescent interlayer coupling. The spatial evolution of the local field inside the structure indicates that the slab functions as a perfect polarization transformer at certain frequencies in the manner of a waveguide twist. Measured transmission spectra are in good agreement with calculated results when material dissipation is considered.
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