BIMS: Biomedical Information Management System

Preprint English OPEN
Mora, Oscar ; Bisbal, Jesús (2013)
  • Subject: Computer Science - Software Engineering

In this paper, we present BIMS (Biomedical Information Management System). BIMS is a software architecture designed to provide a flexible computational framework to manage the information needs of a wide range of biomedical research projects. The main goal is to facilitate the clinicians' job in data entry, and researcher's tasks in data management, in high data quality biomedical research projects. The BIMS architecture has been designed following the two-level modeling paradigm, a promising methodology to model rich and dynamic information environments. In addition, a functional implementation of BIMS architecture has been developed as a web-based application. The result is a highly flexible web application which allows modeling and managing large amounts of heterogeneous biomedical data sets, both textual as well as visual (medical images) information.
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