Towards Semantic Fast-Forward and Stabilized Egocentric Videos

Preprint English OPEN
Silva, Michel Melo ; Ramos, Washington Luis Souza ; Ferreira, Joao Pedro Klock ; Campos, Mario Fernando Montenegro ; Nascimento, Erickson Rangel (2017)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-46604-0_40
  • Subject: Computer Science - Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

The emergence of low-cost personal mobiles devices and wearable cameras and the increasing storage capacity of video-sharing websites have pushed forward a growing interest towards first-person videos. Since most of the recorded videos compose long-running streams with unedited content, they are tedious and unpleasant to watch. The fast-forward state-of-the-art methods are facing challenges of balancing the smoothness of the video and the emphasis in the relevant frames given a speed-up rate. In this work, we present a methodology capable of summarizing and stabilizing egocentric videos by extracting the semantic information from the frames. This paper also describes a dataset collection with several semantically labeled videos and introduces a new smoothness evaluation metric for egocentric videos that is used to test our method.
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