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Bose–Einstein condensation of paraxial light

Klaers, J.; Schmitt, J.; Damm, T.; Vewinger, F.; Weitz, M.;
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  • Published: 15 Sep 2011 Journal: Applied Physics B, volume 105, pages 17-33 (issn: 0946-2171, eissn: 1432-0649, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: Springer Science and Business Media LLC
Photons, due to the virtually vanishing photon-photon interaction, constitute to very good approximation an ideal Bose gas, but owing to the vanishing chemical potential a (free) photon gas does not show Bose-Einstein condensation. However, this is not necessarily true for a lower-dimensional photon gas. By means of a fluorescence induced thermalization process in an optical microcavity one can achieve a thermal photon gas with freely adjustable chemical potential. Experimentally, we have observed thermalization and subsequently Bose-Einstein condensation of the photon gas at room temperature. In this paper, we give a detailed description of the experiment, whic...
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free text keywords: Physics and Astronomy (miscellaneous), General Physics and Astronomy, Condensation, Bose–Einstein condensate, law.invention, law, Photon, Gas in a box, Optical microcavity, Photon gas, Atomic physics, Physics, Bose gas, Quantum optics, Condensed Matter - Quantum Gases
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