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Nuclear energy density functional from chiral pion-nucleon dynamics revisited

Norbert Kaiser; Wolfram Weise;
Open Access English
  • Published: 01 May 2010
We use a recently improved density-matrix expansion to calculate the nuclear energy density functional in the framework of in-medium chiral perturbation theory. Our calculation treats systematically the effects from $1\pi$-exchange, iterated $1\pi$-exchange, and irreducible $2\pi$-exchange with intermediate $\Delta$-isobar excitations, including Pauli-blocking corrections up to three-loop order. We find that the effective nucleon mass $M^*(\rho)$ entering the energy density functional is identical to the one of Fermi-liquid theory when employing the improved density-matrix expansion. The strength $F_\nabla(\rho)$ of the $(\vec\nabla \rho)^2$ surface-term as prov...
free text keywords: Nuclear Theory, Nuclear and High Energy Physics, Electronic density, Nucleon, Coupling strength, Quantum electrodynamics, Chiral perturbation theory, Pion, Energy density functional, Chirality (chemistry), Iterated function, Physics

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