Springtide-induced magnification of Earth mantle resonance causes tectonics and conceals universality of physics at all scales

Preprint English OPEN
Omerbashich, Mensur (2006)
  • Subject: Physics - General Physics | Astrophysics | Physics - Geophysics
    arxiv: Physics::Geophysics | Astrophysics::Earth and Planetary Astrophysics

I demonstrate two fundamental contributions. First, the Earth tectonics is generally a consequence of the springtide-induced magnification of mechanical resonance in the Earth mantle. The same mechanism that causes bridges to collapse under the soldiers step-marching makes also the Earth lithosphere fail under the springtide-induced magnification of the mantle resonance resulting in strong earthquakes. Secondly, by generalizing the above finding onto any body anywhere in all the Universes and at all times, I find that there is no distinction between physics at intergalactic, Newtonian, quantum, and smaller scales. Thus, the so-called constant of proportionality of physics, G, is not a constant but a parameter of a most general form: G = s e^2, nonlinearly varying amongst different scales s. Any scale-related variations of physics, erroneously recognized as such by Einstein and Planck, are only apparent and arise as a consequence of the Earth mantle springtide-induced extreme resonance, which is also critically impeding any terrestrial experiments aimed at estimating the final proportionality G. Gravitation is explained if simply regarded mechanical and repulsive.
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