Photon wave function

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Bialynicki-Birula, Iwo;
  • Subject: Quantum Physics
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Photon wave function is a controversial concept. Controversies stem from the fact that photon wave functions can not have all the properties of the Schroedinger wave functions of nonrelativistic wave mechanics. Insistence on those properties that, owing to peculiarities... View more
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    √ Z d3k e(k, 1)(cˆ(k, 1)e−iωt+ik·r +cˆ†(k, −1)eiωt−ik·r) Fˆ(r, t) = ¯hc (2π)3 e(k, −1)(cˆ(k, −1)e−iωt+ik·r +cˆ†(k, 1)eiωt−ik·r) . (13.5)

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