Acceleration of quasi-particle modes in Bose-Einstein condensates

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Marzlin, Karl-Peter; Zhang, Weiping;
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1016/S0375-9601(98)00680-X
  • Subject: Condensed Matter - Statistical Mechanics
    arxiv: Condensed Matter::Quantum Gases | Physics::Accelerator Physics | Condensed Matter::Other

We analytically examine the dynamics of quasi-particle modes occuring in a Bose-Einstein condensate which is subject to a weak acceleration. It is shown that the momentum of a quasi-particle mode is squeezed rather than accelerated.
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    [7] The introduction of the ket |Θ0i is just a mathematical trick so that we can analyze the action of exp[±iωˆ+t] in terms of an operator acting on some Hilbert-space. |Θ0i is not an element of a Hilbert space for quasi-particle modes. Rather, Θ0(x) is interpreted as a wavefunction in the Hilbert-space L2(R) of square-integrable functions so that we can use the usual operator algebra in the form hx|Oˆ(xˆ, pˆ)|Θ0i = Oˆ(x, −i¯h∂/∂x)hx|Θ0i.

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