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Acoustic Metacages for Omnidirectional Sound Shielding

Shen, Chen; Xie, Yangbo; Li, Junfei; Cummer, Steven A.; Jing, Yun;
Open Access English
  • Published: 29 Aug 2017
Conventional sound shielding structures typically prevent fluid transport between the exterior and interior. A design of a two-dimensional acoustic metacage with subwavelength thickness which can shield acoustic waves from all directions while allowing steady fluid flow is presented in this paper. The structure is designed based on acoustic gradient-index metasurfaces composed of open channels and shunted Helmholtz resonators. The strong parallel momentum on the metacage surface rejects in-plane sound at an arbitrary angle of incidence which leads to low sound transmission through the metacage. The performance of the proposed metacage is verified by numerical si...
arXiv: Computer Science::Sound
free text keywords: Physics - Applied Physics
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