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Golden mean Siegel disk universality and renormalization

Gaidashev, Denis; Yampolsky, Michael;
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  • Published: 03 Apr 2016
We provide a computer-assisted proof of one of the central open questions in one-dimensional renormalization theory -- universality of the golden-mean Siegel disks. We further show that for every function in the stable manifold of the golden-mean renormalization fixed point the boundary of the Siegel disk is a quasicircle which coincides with the closure of the critical orbit, and that the dynamics on the boundary of the Siegel disk is rigid. Furthermore, we extend the renormalization from one-dimensional analytic maps with a golden-mean Siegel disk to two-dimensional dissipative H\'enon-like maps and show that the renormalization hyperbolicity result still hold...
arXiv: Mathematics::Dynamical SystemsMathematics::Number Theory
free text keywords: Mathematics - Dynamical Systems
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