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empirical evaluations for automated unit testing of embedded software in industry

Chengyu Zhang; Yichen Yan; Hanru Zhou; Yinbo Yao; Ke Wu; Ting Su; Weikai Miao; Geguang Pu;
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  • Published: 23 Feb 2018
In this paper, we aim at the automated unit coverage-based testing for embedded software. To achieve the goal, by analyzing the industrial requirements and our previous work on automated unit testing tool CAUT, we rebuild a new tool, SmartUnit, to solve the engineering requirements that take place in our partner companies. SmartUnit is a dynamic symbolic execution implementation, which supports statement, branch, boundary value and MC/DC coverage. SmartUnit has been used to test more than one million lines of code in real projects. For confidentiality motives, we select three in-house real projects for the empirical evaluations. We also carry out our evaluations...
free text keywords: Computer Science - Software Engineering, Computer science, Confidentiality, Symbolic execution, Source lines of code, Requirements engineering, Embedded software, Unit testing, Operating system, computer.software_genre, computer, Real-time computing, Array data structure, Scalability
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45 references, page 1 of 3
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