publication . Preprint . 2002

Long periodicity of Blazar with RXTE ASM, TA and HEGRA

Osone, S.; Teshima, M.;
Open Access English
  • Published: 29 Nov 2002
Long periodicity for Mkn501 during a large flare in 1997 have been reported by TA, HEGRA group. Here, we establish this periodicity with archival data of RXTE All Sky Monitor(ASM), Telescope Array(TA) and HEGRA with a chance probability less than $10^{-5}$. We also find that an origin of 23 day periodicity is related with a change of either a gamma factor of electrons $\gamma$ or the magnetic field or a beaming factor. And, in order to search for a category which have a long periodicity, we make a periodicity analysis for ten H.B.L. with RXTE ASM. We find a long periodicity for three TeV detected source, Mkn501, Mkn421 and PKS2155-304. There may exist a relation...
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