Recognition and Ranking Critical Success Factors of Business Intelligence in Hospitals -- Case Study: Hasheminejad Hospital

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Naderinejad, Marjan ; Tarokh, Mohammad Jafar ; Poorebrahimi, Alireza (2014)

Business Intelligence, not as a tool of a product but as a new approach is propounded in organizations to make tough decisions in business as shortly as possible. Hospital managers often need business intelligence in their fiscal, operational, and clinical reports and indices. The main goal of recognition and ranking CSF is implementation of a business intelligent system in hospitals to increase success factor of application of business intelligence in health and treatment sector. This paper is an application and descriptive-analytical one, in which we use questionnaires to gather data and we used SPSS and LISREL to analyze them. Its statistical society is managers and personnel of Hasheminejad hospital and case studies are selected by Cochran formula. The findings show that all three organizational, process, and technological factors equally affect implementation of business intelligence based on Yeoh & Koronis approach, where the assumptions are based upon it. The proposed model for CSFs of business intelligence in hospitals include: declaring perspective, goals and strategies, development of human and financial resources, clarification of organizational culture, documentation and process mature, management support, etc. Business intelligence implementation is affected by different components. Center of Hasheminejad hospital BI system as a leader in providing quality health care, partially succeeded to take advantage of the benefits the organization in passing the information revolution but the development of this system to achieve intelligent hospital and its certainty is a high priority, thus it can`t be said that the hospital-wide BI system is quite favorable. In this regard, it can be concluded that Hasheminejad hospital requires practical model for business intelligence systems development.
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