AB Levitator and Electricity Storage

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Bolonkin, Alexander (2007)
  • Subject: Physics - General Physics | Physics - Space Physics

The author researched this new idea - support of flight by any aerial vehicles at significant altitude solely by the magnetic field of the planet. It is shown that current technology allows humans to create a light propulsion (AB engine) which does not depend on air, water or ground terrain. Simultaniosly, this revolutionary thruster is a device for the storage of electricity which is extracted and is replenished (during braking) from/into the storage with 100 percent efficiency. The relative weight ratio of this engine is 0.01 - 0.1 (from thrust). For some types of AB engine (toroidal form) the thrust easily may be changed in any direction without turning of engine. The author computed many projects using different versions of offered AB engine: small device for levitation-flight of a human (including flight from Earth to Outer Space), fly VTOL car (track), big VTOL aircrat, suspended low altitude stationary satellite, powerful Space Shuttle-like booster for travel to the Moon and Mars without spending energy (spended energy is replenished in braking when ship returns from other planet to its point of origin), using AB-devices in military, in sea-going ships (submarimes), in energy industry (for example. as small storage of electric energy) and so on. The vehicles equipped with AB propulsion can take flight for days and cover distances of tens thousands of kilometers at hypersonic or extra-atmosphere space speeds. The work contains tens of inventions and innovations which solves problems and breaks limitations which appear in solution of these very complex revolutionary ideas. Key word: AB levitator, levitation, non-rocket outer space flight, electric energy storage, AB propulsion, AB engine, Bolonkin.
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