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Feasibility of satellite quantum key distribution

Cristian Bonato; Andrea Tomaello; V. Da Deppo; Giampiero Naletto; Paolo Villoresi;
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  • Published: 12 Mar 2009
In this paper we present a novel analysis of the feasibility of quantum key distribution between a LEO satellite and a ground station. First of all, we study signal propagation through a turbulent atmosphere for uplinks and downlinks, discussing the contribution of beam spreading and beam wandering. Then we introduce a model for the background noise of the channel during night-time and day-time, calculating the signal-to-noise ratio for different configurations. We also discuss the expected error-rate due to imperfect polarization-compensation in the channel. Finally, we calculate the expected key generation rate of a secure key for different configurations (upl...
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arXiv: Computer Science::Networking and Internet ArchitectureComputer Science::Information Theory
free text keywords: Quantum Physics, General Physics and Astronomy, Quantum entanglement, Quantum key distribution, Physics, Radio propagation, Key generation, Electronic engineering, BB84, Background noise, Communication channel, Telecommunications link
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