Nucleon axial coupling from Lattice QCD

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Chang, Chia Cheng; Nicholson, Amy; Rinaldi, Enrico; Berkowitz, Evan; Garron, Nicolas; Brantley, David; Monge-Camacho, Henry; Monahan, Chris; Bouchard, Chris; Clark, M. A.; Joo, Balint; Kurth, Thorsten; Orginos, Kostas; Vranas, Pavlos; Walker-Loud, Andre;

We present state-of-the-art results from a lattice QCD calculation of the nucleon axial coupling, $g_A$, using M\"obius Domain-Wall fermions solved on the dynamical $N_f = 2 + 1 + 1$ HISQ ensembles after they are smeared using the gradient-flow algorithm. Relevant three... View more
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